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I have a few options and I know it can be overwhelming when you're already at your breaking point! I would love to talk with you one on one, for FREE, to see what would be the best fit for you.

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Events, Courses and Call Options are listed below!

Personal Mindset Session

This is a one on one meeting meant to work through any personal issues, blocks, or emotional situations that you are experiencing. I will give you follow-up recommendations and/or actionable steps by the end of the call to begin the healing process either together or independently.

Accountability and Empowerment Session 

This is a one hour one on one coaching call for those who are looking to follow up with me on goals we have set previously, to keep aligned momentum going and to empower you to stay determined throughout your journey.

Coffee Chat

This one is for all of my fellow business owners who would like to collaborate! Whether you're a client, friend or stranger this is a quick free chat to get to know one another's business aspirations and discuss potential collaborations!  

Upcoming Live Classes

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