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Do You Have Bigger Dreams Outside Of Motherhood But Don't Know Where To Start?

If so, you've landed in the right place. 

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Meet Stephanie

Certified Mindset, Life and Business Mentor

I am a dog-loving, coffee-obsessed, married, mother of 5, and passionate about helping moms. Mom Strong offers Mindset, Life, and Business Mentorship and is on a mission to empower moms to create the life and legacy they have always envisioned for themselves and their families!

The Mom Strong business and concept was created while I worked as a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and behavior change specialist.  I loved what I did but while I was working with my clients I noticed a trend. This trend was one I could relate to in so many ways. It was the need for someone to help moms get out of their own way. They needed someone to empower them to pursue goals outside of parenthood and take consistent, daily action to achieve whatever they want.


In 2019 the Mom Strong Mindset was launched!


Mom Strong is now where I mentor moms who want to create impact and financial independence by starting their own heart-centered, service-based businesses. I meet moms where they are in their journeys by offering multi-level memberships, one on one coaching, and even Voxer messaging for the busiest moms.

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What I Specialize In

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The Journey Towards Financial Independence For Your Family Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Powerful mindset and business coach for moms. 

- Morgan Renelle

Our one on one calls every week are what keep me sane.  They are the only thing I do for just me!

- Suzy Ungar

“Stephanie is an absolute joy to work with! She is so creative with graphic design, knowing how to grow a FB group that is highly engaged, and generously shares her knowledge and talents with her clients.  I highly recommend working with Stephanie for anyone wanting to know the inner strength it takes to succeed as a team and business leader.”

- Trina Gunzel

“Thank you! It was a huge leap to put it all out there like that.  This group and you are what is really working for me and my goals.”

- Michelle King

"You are inspiring and a role model of mine!!"

Stefanie Reuter

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