Mom Strong Mindset Mentor

Empowering moms to own their inner strength so they can create a life and a legacy they are proud of.

Hello!  Welcome to Mom Strong!

I am Stephanie Chapman.  I am a dog-loving, coffee obsessed, married, mother of 5, and passionate about helping moms.  I am a Mindset and Lifestyle Coach on a mission to empower moms to create the life and legacy they have always envisioned for themselves and their family!

I created Mom Strong after being a personal trainer for years, during this time I noticed a trend. This trend was one I could relate to in so many ways. I noticed the need for someone to help moms get out of their own heads. They needed someone to empower them to pursue goals outside of being a mom and take consistent, daily action to achieve whatever they want. I have taken this dream on in hopes to make an impact, create opportunities and grow an awesome community for moms all over.

1:1 and Small Group Coaching

Access to Mindset and Lifestyle Coaching specifically for moms. I help you to find a routine that actually works, solutions to your biggest limiting beliefs and discover your purpose. 

Awesome Community

Join our community and connect with moms from around the world who are just like you. Learn and share with the Mom Strong Tribe on Facebook.

Courses and Membership

Easy to follow online courses and a monthly membership that makes coaching accessible to anyone at any time. We all know that, as moms, we need things to be as affordable and convenient as possible.