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About Me

Certified Mindset, Business and Lifestyle Expert

I am a dog-loving, coffee-obsessed, married, mother of 5, and passionate about helping moms. Mom Strong offers Mindset, Life, and Business Mentorship and is on a mission to empower moms to create the life and legacy they have always envisioned for themselves and their families!

The mindset of Mom Strong was created after experiencing years of mental and physical abuse, becoming a teen mom (twice), and all of the stigmas that were attached to me because of these experiences.  I knew that I was meant for more and that everyone around me, telling me I "ruined my life" were wrong.  I was determined to change the course of my life, and my children's.  It was a long road but eventually, I made the changes I needed to.  It led me to meet my amazing husband, I started taking certification courses and we put in the foundations we needed to create the life we have together now.


I have created an environment in Mom Strong where community support, strategy, and mindset can work together so moms can achieve real results, fast.

In addition to mentorship and coaching, I am also a brand ambassador with TulaXii and Thirty-One where I sell planners, lifestyle organizers, journals, and other useful tools to help you organize your life!

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